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Applying with IB scores, dealing with conditional offers, and the importance of extra curricular act

Do conditional offers scare you? Because they certainly intimidate me, to say the least. Being educated in an IB school, I started being prepared for the international baccalaureate “lifestyle” since the age of ten; preparation that definitely came in handy when it was time for the real deal. Being so focused on maintaining my mind and body healthy after getting through with CAS, TOK, and the extended essay to then take the final IB exams, it nearly slipped my mind that even though I had already been accepted to several universities, the acceptance I had been offered from my number one choice was merely conditional.

What is a conditional offer?

A conditional offer is a type of acceptance offer given to students on the condition that they maintain or better their grades; yet most universities are lenient if the student’s grades drop by a given number of points. Thus meaning that once a student is accepted conditionally, he/she isn’t legitimately admitted into the university until the final results come out (which depends on the education system such student studies through). As I have taken the International Baccalaureate exams, for instance, my final IB results will only be available on the 6th of July although my last exam was in early June.

So, what to do until results come out?

Relax! Your work is all done, and if you managed everything throughout your IB years, then you will be alright; and if you don’t think you managed everything as well as you hoped, all you can do now is still wait and hope that the results remain according to the conditional range of the offer you were given.

The real question revolves around how you can ensure (beforehand) that your conditional acceptance won’t be revoked once the results are released; and the answer to such consists of a mixture of having participated in after-school activities (including those outside of school involving your community) while keeping your grades up. And along the process, I learned that my after school activities not only helped me balance out my life in terms of academics and my life outside of school, but they also significantly strengthened my application to all the american universities I applied to when it came to writing my CV, which I believe can help any student when it comes to the university’s uttermost and final decision when final results are released, given that the student’s grades drop.

Now all I can do is relax my mind after these years, wait, and hope for the best until the 6th of July!

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