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Guide to a productive summer

I think that I speak for all of us when I say that we all wish to have a productive summer. Whether you are in year 10 and want a head start on your GCSE revision or even doing A-Levels or IB, we all want to accomplish things over summer. I do believe that it is important to keep in mind that summer is also about relaxing, however, for those of us who wish to spend our time in the most productive way possible: here is how to do it.

How to plan

Step number 1 is to figure out the subjects that you want to focus on. My suggestion is to prioritize the areas that you have been struggling with and if you have spare time (and energy!) you can then precede to revise the others. Personally, my focus are

a this summer is French because it is one of my weaker subjects! Making a list with the topics you want to cover regarding that subject is also helpful because then you won’t find yourself revising unnecessary things.

After tackling that, creating a plan of how to revise for that specific subject is also going to extremely important. It really varies from person to person how to effectively revise, you need to find what is right for you. You might opt for watching videos about a topic and making notes or doing a lot of exam practice, find a way that works and stick to it!

The last step to your plan is to make a time-table regarding the time you will spend revising each thing. We all know that time is very precious and since none of us want to waste our summer, figuring out how you are going to use that time is key. My tip is to create an Excel spreadsheet and divide your time in whatever way you feel its best (remember to give yourself breaks!)

The thing to keep in mind

After all, this is your summer we are talking about hence keep that in mind while planning your revision. Do not expect yourself to be able to revise the whole entire time thus make goals that are actually achievable. I definitely believe that one of the most important parts of this whole summer revision process is to create a balance between school life and social life. Always keep in mind that your mental well-being is always more important than any sort of revision you could ever do, after all, you are not going to do well on the test if your mind isn’t in a healthy state!

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